Alfalit International Liberia is an affiliate of Alfalit International based in Miami, Florida, the United States of America. Alfalit Liberia provides community and human development services teaches illiterate  youths and adults to read, write and do simple mathematics. 

Alfalit benefits thousands of Liberians and  as well provides  job skills for our students. The formation of Alfalit International Liberia dates back to 2005 when the former Bishop of the United Methodist in Liberia, the Reverend John G. Innis engaged the President of Alfalit International then, Rev. Roberto Perez in Washington DC with an appeal to extend Alfalit Literacy Program Liberia to help redeem Liberians from the dungeons of illiteracy.

2019 Graduation Calendar of Events

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to eradicate human suffering caused by illiteracy


Our vision is to teach illiterate youths and adults to read, write and do simple arithmetic


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Literacy Program

67% of Liberian Women are illiterate with man accounting for 33%. Across the country’s 4.5 million population 52% of Liberians are illiterate. The core of the work we do for the thousands of beneficiaries we serve in Liberia is to teach illiterate youths and adults to read, write and do simple artthematic or those are semi literate. currently we run 75 literacy centers in 5 counties: Montserrado, Grand Bassa, Bong, Margibi and Bomi Counties, with the total of 221 facilitators (teachers) and 10 Coordinators and 4,000 students.

Alfalit Jobs Skills

This is Alfalit’s livelihood sustainability program that empowers our beneficiaries gain financial strength  (added value). As beneficiaries of the literacy program reach level 3, being able to read numbers and do simple math as well compose simple sentences  they get enrolled into the tailoring program.  The goal of the job skills program is to help beneficiaries gain skills after learning to read and write that enable them address their poverty conditon that became associated with their illiteracy. During each circle  at least 250 students are enrolled into the  skills training program.


“15 years on now after the end Liberia’s civil war, Liberia still has an illiteracy rate of 52%. It’s a problem Alfalit Liberia with the support from Alfalit International and good friends have been aiding the Liberian government address. “Therefore addressing Liberia’s high illiteracy nightmare requires full hands on desk from both the public and private sector with sincerity and love for self and country to help illiterate youths and adults get out from the darkness of illiteracy and come to the light education”

82 Years Old Woman Graduates From Alfalit

“I am very happy that I am now among those who are considered educated, because when you are not educated, people take advantage of you and you are in darkness”

“No one can be too old to get education, that’s the reason I am still going to follow Alfalit. I have already put my name down for the tailoring program next so I can learn how to sew”. Bindu said


Your US$14 can keep a child in school and helps an adult fight off illiteracy.