Helping Liberian youths live their dreams

Helping Liberian Youths Live Their Dreams

“I struggled to complete my secondary education because my parents are so poor, so entering college was almost impossible for me until I met Alfalit L-GM.

Emmanuel D. R. Yardanmah currently a junior student of the Starz College of Science of Technology reading Information Technology with concentration in System Administrating, he has long dreamt of becoming an IT specialist, but became worried about the fate of achieving his goals given his parents poverty condition.

According to the 22 years old, he completed high school June 30, 2014, and later enrolled at start Starz 2015, but was at the verge of dropping out of school when due to the lack of money to pay his situation when Alfalit L-GM rescued him.

The young IT student has since been in school and joyfully achieving his education goals. He told Alfalit Liberia that he has a dream of furthering his education in the United States of America to advice his knowledge in the course to put his country- Liberia on the world’s map by developing Software and application that would become recognizable around the world.

“I have always wished of doing IT, Alfalit L-GM has made my dream come through”

“After obtaining my BSc. I wish to travel to the United States or any part of Europe to do IT on broader level, doing IT abroad has lots of advantages. I want to develop soft-wares that the world will recognize to put Liberia on the map” Emmanuel Yardanmah prayed.  

Emmanuel Yardanmah is one of the 6 students sponsored at Starz College by the Liberia-Ghana Missions and 1 of the over 7 thousand students supported throughout Liberia on the scholarship and educational assistance program.  

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