“I Don’t Want To Vote Again Using My Finger Print”

I Don't Want To Vote Again Using My Finger Print"

46 years old Janjay King feels proud that she will now be able to vote in her country’s next election using pen to write her name and choose her candidate rather the using her tomb.

“For me, I came to Alfalit School because I don’t want to do finger (tomb) print again when I go to vote. I want to learn and stand before my friends to express myself” Madam King said.

This mother of 6 narrates her story as saying, she lost her father when she was an infant, and her aunty she lived with did not educate her when growing up as a child thereby ender up illiterate.

She had long wished to enroll in regular adult night schools, but could not because all the schools required her paying thousands of Liberian Dollars; while she at the same time struggled with paying her children’s tuition in school. This caused her not to achieve that goal until May 2019 when she came in contact with Alfalit adult literacy program.

One month now into the program, Janjay is now able to identify all the 26 letters in the English Alphabet, able to spell and write her name and now reading simple words.

Each day, when the 46 years old quits school she spends hours in doors struggling to exercise her writing and reading skills.

She’s very hopeful that comes her country’s next election, she would vote using pen as she often sees many others do when casting their votes instead of placing her tomb print something she says sometimes caused invalid vote, but she did not know.

Janjay King joined Alfalit Liberia Literacy Program in April 2019.

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