Titus Finds Alfalit Literacy Program to Improve his Building Construction Skills

Titus Joins Alfalit Liberia to improve his Building Construction Skills

For 15 years, 24 years old Titus Johnson dropped from school during his beginner primary level. He had forgotten almost everything he learnt. He says he suffered many things as a result of his inability to read and write somethings anything on his own.

As a builder, he could not prepare estimates on his own for contracts that came his way therefore; every time he got contracts, he would ask friends and neighbor to help write his estimate and once he won the contracts, he would give them a tip (cash) to say thanks.

But this year, Titus is determined to fight off his nightmare by enrolling into the Alfalit Adult literacy program where he’s now able to write clearly, and gradually trying to pick-up with reading.

“I am a builder, I want to be able to write my own estimates, that is why after work I take my time to come to school to learn how to read and write” Titus said.

Titus says he feels fine being in the Alfalit literacy program wanting not to continue in the darkness of illiteracy, as he expressed gratitude to Alfalit for placing one of its literacy centers within his Baptist Seminary Community along the Roberts Field Highway outside the capital, Monrovia.   

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