82 years old graduates from Alfalit

82 Years Old Alfalit Graduate Sets New Goals

 One of Bindu Kerkulah’s happiest days in her life was seeing her self being certified literate. She was among 255 students of Alfalit literacy program in Lower Margibi Count who graduated from the our literacy, basic education and job skills program.

“I am very happy that I am now among those who are considered educated, because when you are not educated, people take advantage of you and you are in darkness”

The chances of adults who missed out on education during their teens returning to schools in their adult or mid youthful ages can be somewhat impossible, many illiterate or semi-literate see it see impossible. But for this 82 years old; learning how to read is the greatest achievement of her life.

“When president Tolbert was in power (1970s) that was the last time I went to school. The year I passed from the 1st grade to the 2nd grade; it was the year my uncle stopped supporting me in school. It really hurt me and that’s why I said to myself I will stay focus with my education no matter my age.”

Bindu who started Alfalit Liberia literacy program since 2011 has found her dream come true now being able to read with comprehension and write being able to function at the level of a 6th grade student.

82 years old Bindu Kerkulah has now set new goals for herself. Now graduating from Alfalit Literacy program, she dreams of enrolling into the Alfalit job skills program (Tailoring Program).

“No one can be too old to get education, that’s the reason I am still going to follow Alfalit. I have already put my name down for the tailoring program so I can learn now to sew”. Bindu said.

The 82 years old grandmother disagrees with many of her peers who think they are too old to learn or empower themselves, she rather called on them including young people who still have age in their favor to take advantage of the Alfalit literacy program and other opportunities.

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