255 Adults in Margibi Certificated

Alfalit Certificates 255 Adults Learners in Margibi

255 adults of our literacy program in Lower Margibi County were over the weekend certified literate. The Margibi graduation is one in the series of graduations that are taking place across Alfalit Liberia 5 literacy program counties in Liberia.

The students can now function at the level of 6th grade students now capable of reading, writing and doing simple mathematics.  Of the total number of graduates from the program in Margibi County, 177 adults were certificated from the literacy program while 78 from basic education were certificated.

Of the 255 graduates in Margibi County, 226 of the graduates were women while 39 were men.

Speaking to the graduates when he served as keynote speaker, former Margibi County representative, Hon. Ballah G. Zayzay congratulated the learners for their achievements and courage learning how to read and write describing the work of Alfalit Liberia as tremendous in reducing illiteracy in the country.

He said learning is a process and tedious especially given the fact that most of the beneficiaries in the program who are women are challenged with their domestic roles and many other challenges, but still monstered the courage to attend Alfalit and now able to read and write, it’s a great achieve he compares to be more than kids who begin school from kindergarten.

“To see elderly people taking their time to go to school to learn despite their children being many and the problems they have to carter to, but they decided to go to school, you are the greater then the children who can begin school from ABC”

“To go to school in your old age to learn how to read and write, some people may say age is not in their favor, but I tell you; such a people are making great mistake. It’s never too late” Hon. Zayzay motivated the graduates as saying.

The former Margibi County representative then thanked Alfalit International and Alfalit Liberia for its contribution in buttressing the effort of the Liberian government in addressing the huge educational challenge in the country by educating youths and adult who missed out on education during their teens read and write.

The graduates some of whom started the literacy program since 2015 up to 2019 expressed gratitude to Alfalit for transforming their lives through education and vocational empowerment. They described their achievements from in Alfalit as one that can never be taken away from them and one that would go a long way.

“I am a trade-man in the construction field, I never knew how to read and write, but through Alfalit I can read and write and do my own estimates and receipts. What Alfalit has done in my life is so much and no one can take away what I have learnt” Joseph Garwaye commented as saying.    

The Program brought together the Management of Alfalit Liberia headed by the acting executive director Rev. Jerome C. Williams, the board chair and some members, community leaders and stakeholders including the learners among others.

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