Alfalit Montserrado Program graduates 1,520 Adult Learns, Sister Mary Laurene Brown Encourages Graduate

Sister Mary Laurene Brown Encourages 1,520 Montserrado Alfalit Graduates

Alfalit Liberia has graduated 1,520 youths and adults from the  literacy, basic education and job skills programs in Montserrado County as a  staunch Liberian educator, Sister Mary Laurene Browne congratulated the learners and encouraged them not to overlook the knowledge acquire from Alfalit to advance their lives.  

At a jam parked ceremony held Tuesday December 10, 2019 at the Paynesville City Hall, the President of Stella Marie Polytechnic, Sister Mary Laurene Browne told the graduates that, taking up the challenge to enroll in Alfalit should be appreciated.

She further describes the graduates learning how to read and write as gain that contributes immensely to reducing Liberia’s high illiteracy rate and at the same time called on the graduates to also adapt to the change of attitude in a more positive way that would make Liberia a better country.

“As you learn how to read and write and acquire skills you are also expected to act differently. To change the way you think, the way you behave so when someone sees you, that person sees the difference between an educated and uneducated woman”

“I congratulate those of you who have finished certain skills and who can now read and write and please don’t stop there, take the challenge as you have done to advance yourself” Sister Mary Laurene Browne told the graduates.

Of the 1,520 graduates, 1,494 students received certificates for completing the literacy and basic education programs while 26 students who gained tailoring economic empowerment program were certificated.

After completing the curriculum prescribed for learners up to basic education 2, a beneficiary is capacitated to function at the level of a 6 grade student in regular academic schools.

This year’s graduation across Montserrado, Grand Bassa, Bong, Margibi and Bomi Counties marks Alfalit Liberia’s 13th closing and graduations since the organization began its literacy mission in 2006 just at the time Liberia had come from the civil war.

Montserrado hosts the largest number of the Alfalit Literacy centers comprising of 42 literacy centers in more than 15 communities a more than 80 literacy facilitators (teachers) who have taught the adult learners at all levels of the program.      

At the occasion, Alfalit Liberia’s Acting Executive Director, Rev. Jerome C. Williams made passionate plead to the donor community, the national government and other educational stakeholders for local support and to Alfalit Liberia.  He said for 13 years Alfalit Liberia has with commitment provided over 100,000 thousand Liberians literacy and job skills at no cost. He furthered that the lack of funding commitment to-date from the organization’s loan donor (Alfalit International) and that now is the acceptable time for local support to Alfalit Liberia.

 “I want to say to you our partners that as we close 2019, we have a little challenge and sometimes it’s good you just strike your issue so that someone sitting next could be a solution to that problem”.

“In 2020 we will be looking out for grants.  As we close this year’s cycle we don’t have any commitment as far as grant is concern and I am saying this in the presence of partners to ask for your support into 2020” Rev. Jerome C. Williams told the audience at the Montserrado Graduation

He then however said the 2019 program cycle would not have been possible without the commitment of the literacy facilitators (teachers) across all the 42 literacy centers in Montserrado who have worked tirelessly teaching the adults over the years.

“We at Alfalit believe strongly that education is the bedrock to every strong nation, and that is why for the past 13 years we have been in the vanguard of teaching our fellow Liberians how to read and write and then giving them job skills for economic empower”  

Rev. Williams at the same time reminded all partners, local and international organization that comes 2020; Alfalit Liberia would be looking out for grant opportunities. He said as the institution closes the  2019 program; there is no grant commitment from the current funder Alfalit International and as such, he is calling on all potential partners working in the educational sector to extend support to Alfalit Liberia to continue the programs in Liberia.

The program was graced by scores of individuals and intuitions from local and international organization. some of which included Montserrado County’s Education Officer, Kvinna Till Kvinna, authorities of the Ministry of Education, WANEP Liberia,  the religious community, head of the United Methodist Women Center, educators, educational stakeholders, members of the board, communities leaders and members of the board of Alfalit Liberia among many others. 

 Alfalit Liberia is a non-for profit literacy and empowerment organization established as an affiliate of Alfalit International based in Miami, Florida, USA. Alfalit Liberia literacy program has touched over 10,000 lives when it served all 15 counties up to 2013 when donor funding drastically reduced.

Since 2013, Alfalit International as the lone funder of the Liberia’s program, Alfalit Liberia has and continues to teach illiterate and semi-literate youths and adults and adult read and write and as well provide them empowerment skills upon reaching level two into literacy program. 

Alfalit closes successfully the 2019 program cycle having operated 75 functional literacy centers in 5 counties, Montserrado, Grand Bassa, Bong, Bomi and Margibi with 157 teachers and 4 jobs skills centers in 3 of the 5 counties.  


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