Alfalit International Liberia is an affiliate of Alfalit International based in Miami, Florida, the United States of America.Alfalit Liberia provides community and human development services teaching youths and illiterate adults to read, write and do simple arthematics  to thousands of Liberians and  as well provides  job skills for our students.

The formation of Alfalit International Liberia dates back to 2005 when the former Bishop of the United Methodist in Liberia, the Reverend John G. Innis engaged the President of Alfalit International then, Rev. Roberto Perez in Washington DC with an appeal to extend Alfalit Literacy Program Liberia to help redeem Liberians from the dungeons of illiteracy.

In 2006 Rev. Perez and his team finally consented to setting up the literacy program in Liberia following a meeting with Christian leaders that included the former Secretary General of the Liberia Council of Churches, Dr. Benjamin Lartay, A Liberian United Methodist cleric Rev. Emmanuel J. Giddings who served the United Methodist Church as Education Director in the United States who was about to take on reassignment in the United States who no idea about Alfalit unpremeditatedly accepted an invitation from Rev. Emmanuel Bowier to the meeting.

 As the team from Alfalit International presented to the gathering the work and achievements of Alfalit International in North America and other parts of the world, Giddings’ passion for people’s empowerment arose. He reasoned within himself to let go the US offer to lead a campaign meant to redeem Liberians from the stern of illiteracy.

Alfalit literacy program for ten years has been sustained through partnership with several organization and individuals who believe in the cause of education as a vital empowerment tool for everyone. Some of these partnerships will be detailed in our subsequent reflections on the work and achievements of Alfalit Liberia.

The first support for Alfalit Literacy Program came from Jose Milton & Associates through its President and CEO, Dr. Joseph Milton, who served Alfalit International then as vice President and has now ascended to the position of President for Alfalit International.  A donation of Forty Thousand Dollars (US$40,000) planted the seed of literacy on Liberian soil as the first English program of Alfalit International. To date, Dr. Joseph Milton visits Liberia annually.  Dr. Milton has proven extreme generosity to Liberia through Alfalit’s programs that have since gone beyond basic literacy.  Other important partners and funding agencies like the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the McCall McBain, the Sirleaf Market Women Funds under Liberia’s Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf contributed to the 12 successful years of Alfalit literacy Program in Liberia.