67% of Liberian Women are illiterate with man accounting for 38%. Across the country’s 4.5 million population 52% of Liberians are illiterate. The core of the work we do for the thousands of beneficiaries we serve in Liberia is to teach illiterate youths and adults to read, write and do simple athematic or those are semi literate. currently we run 52 literacy centers in 5 counties: Montserrado, Grand Bassa, Bong, Margibi and Bomi Counties, with the total of 221 facilitators (teachers) and 10 Coordinators and 2,972 students.

In Alfalit, learning takes place anywhere; on a poach, under a tree, in a church or in a mosques and in school buildings. Since the inception of the Alflait Litracy Program in Liberia, the strong commitment of our hosts within the communites we hold our literacy classes have been greatly contributed to the success of the program in Liberia.

Through the community entry, all of the literacy and basic  education teachers are recriuted from within the communities who have at least earned a high school diploma and certificate. The uniqueness of the program is the traning of the teachers in the Laubach Literacy Methodology.

Completing all 3 terms and graduating from the literacy program, an individual can function as a 6th grade student, being able to read, write and do simple arithmetic by themselves.