This is the Micro Credit arm of Alfalit International-Liberia. In keeping with Alfalit’s goal of empowering its beneficiaries (especially women) to improve their living conditions, Alfalit Micro-finance was established in January 2016 to cater primarily for the entity’s beneficiaries, as well as other Liberians who are either small business owners or those intending to operate similar ventures but lack the financial resources and capacity to do so, and may not qualify for conventional bank lending programs. The core values of AMF are; Sound, Reliable, Service, Stable.


 Beneficiaries of our loan program include: Students of the Alfalit Literacy Program, Solidarity Groups which includes local women organizations, civil society women groups, traditional and local community women saving clubs. The categories include, Individual Loan, Business Loan, Salary deduction and emergency Loan which are as well open to the public.